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Types of Apartments in Japan


There are many terms used to describe the various types and sizes of apartments in Japan. While some are universal and self-explanatory, others are newly coined and uniquely regional. In some cases, different terms are used to describe the same type of apartment. The following is a glossary of terms that should help take some of the mystery out of your apartment search.

1KOne room with Kitchen
1DKOne room with Dinning Kitchen
1LDKOne room with Living Dinning Kitchen(wider spaced kitchen)
2K2 Roomd with Kitchen
2DK2 rooms with Dinning Kitchen
2LDK2 room with Living Dinning Kitchen(wider spaced kitchen)
2SLDK2 room with Living Dinning Kitchen and Service room

Initial Cost of Renting a Apartment in Japan

Finding an apartment is an extremely expensive proposition. Expect to pay first month’s rent, last month’s rent and frequently, a security deposit equal to 1-3 full month’s rent in advance of taking occupancy. Here’s what it takes. 

Rent for the first month1 full month or daily counted
Safety Deposit(refundable)1-several month equivalent
Key Money(non refundable)0-several month equivalent
Guarantor SystemIf you do not have a local guarantor, you could be asked to use the guarantor system.
0.5-1 month fee could be applicable.
Insuranceyou could be asked to buy Tenant Insurance.
Realtor Fee1 month equivalant.(tax applicable)

Types of Rental Apartments

APARTMENTSo called “APARTMENT” of”APARTO” means Wooden or Steel structure 2-3 story rental properties in Japan.
MANSION“MANSION” does not mean rich man’s house in Japan. Steel structured high story rental properties are called “MANSION” in Japan.
GUEST HOUSEShare house mainly for foreign students or travellers are called “GUEST HOUSE”.
KASHIYARental house is called “KASHIYA” in Japanese.
0.5-1 month fee could be applicable.
“MONTHLY APARTMENT” or “MONTHLY APARTMENT” especially mean a rental property with furniture and electric appliences. The rental contract is made for a single month. Rent is rather higher to general rental contract but the tenants can save Initial cost and the moving fee.